Fragrance and design

Tradition and modernity in natural flavors

Inspired by the historical legacy of China, Egypt and India is SERENE HOUSE since 2010 for high-quality Fragrance Atomizer and room fragrances that embody the desire for a cleaner environment and a relaxing, harmonious lifestyle. It also has the symbolism of the cloud, in China often an expression of happiness, of great importance. For the Home Fragrance experts clouds represent freshness and natural purity. They clearly demonstrate the leitmotif of SERENE HOUSE to improve the air that surrounds one, and to spread peace and serenity. Home Fragrance by SERENE HOUSE have a stimulating, soothing or calming. They provide with carefully selected ingredients for balance and relaxation and bring modern life back the purity of nature.

High quality standards for a high level of well-being

As a manufacturer of noble room fragrance systems tracked SERENE HOUSE claim to offer its customers products that conducive to health and protect the environment. 18 farms built under high environmental requirements to 125 botanical species for the production of high quality oils. Here is SERENE HOUSE in all production steps, involved from planting to harvesting to sale and guarantees its customers so that full transparency about farming, ingredients and distribution channels. In its partnership with farmers SERENE HOUSE is based on reliability and respect for lives, traditions and interests and guarantee their cooperation fixed quantities, long term contracts and fair prices. In the production of oils of home fragrance expert dispense with the use of synthetic substances, parabens or genetically modified plants, but relies on the use of natural oils and plant-friendly production processes that guarantee a consistent quality of room fragrances and oils. To comply with the current valid international environmental standards constant tests and inspections take place.