SERENE HOUSE is the perfect combination of oriental traditions and modern know-how. For centuries fragrances have been part of everyday life and an expression of good taste. Already back in ancient Egypt, fragrances were part of the religious and secular life; rooms were filled with delicate scents given off by fragrance lamps, and in Hindu steam baths aroma oils did not only ensure softer, smoother skin, but it also provided mental balance and relaxation. SERENE HOUSE, founded in 2010, has also committed itself to this health aspect of using home fragrances and develops individual, certified organic fragrance hardware, boxed in a sophisticated design.

SERENE HOUSE stands for creative design with years of experience.  With its natural fragrance aromas and sprays, it acts as ambassador for traditional aromatherapy. By giving its fragrance diffuser a very modern design, the manufacturers of home fragrances transport the traditional methods into the present. Classics like the Scentilizer Blob or the Scent Pot convince with its high functionality. Its clean design, whose shapes are often reminiscent of small sculptures, blend harmoniously into any environment - ideal for your home, for the office, the car or even on the go.